Academic work on Luke Cage


For all of you who are comic fans but living under a rock, Netflix released the Luke Cage series on Friday, September 30th (which might have been popular enough to knock out netflix streaming services for a short bit on Saturday). The show has been incredibly well recieved by critics (it is rated at 79% on metacritic and 95% on rottentomatoes) and most reviews have been well aware of the socio-political aspects of the show…most notably the importance of a bulletproof black man at a time when police shootings are finally getting the publicity and attention they deserve (example 1,example 2, example 3).

I hope to spend sometime monday writing a short review/analysis of this series but till is a list of some good academic publications about Luke Cage. Please let me know if I missed anything, and I will make sure to add it. Sweet Christmas!!
David Taft, “Imagining a Strange New World: Racial Integration and Social Justice Advocacy in Marvel Comics, 1966–1980” from Soul Thieves: The Appropriation and Misappropriation of African American Pop Culture (2014)

Adilfu Nama Super Black: American Pop Culture and Black Superheroes (2011)

Philip Lamarr Cuningham “The Absence of Black Supervillains in Mainstream Comics” Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics Vol. 1, issue 1 (2010)

Rob Lendrum “The Super Black Macho, One Baaad Mutha: Black Superhero Masculinity in 1970s Comic Books” Extrapolation Vol. 46, No. 3 (2005)


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